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Are you responsible for taking care of the HR issues in your organization? Do you spend even a portion of your day trying to deal with the alphabet soup of employment law compliance (ADA, COBRA, FMLA)? If so, you'd probably appreciate some quick and accurate answers to the many HR questions you face each day. 

The Best of HR Matters E-Tips is a collection of 44 of the best management and compliance tips from the our weekly e-mail newsletter, HR Matters E-Tips.

Each article includes practical insights into common HR issues, including the ADA, COBRA, the FMLA, policies and procedures, and wage and hour, and provides quick, easy-to-read, sound advice on HR practices. You can use the tips as a handy resource to answer HR questions or as a training tool for your supervisors and managers.

These tips, which are not available anywhere else, are organized in a single Microsoft® Word document with links that allow you to find topics fast.

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"I just wanted to also let you know I enjoy this column. It's well-written, concise, and accurate. I think the format of addressing one topic succinctly in the vast amount of info. we all get is very effective."

Mark Bugaieski
Sr. Personnel Administrator
RLI Insurance Company
Peoria, IL


ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
Preemployment Medical Inquiries under the ADA: Pre-offer
Preemployment Medical Inquiries under the ADA: Post-offer
Recent Cases Clarify the ADA's Protections of Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

7 Events That Trigger COBRA
Denying COBRA Coverage for Misconduct
When and How to Provide COBRA Notification

FMLA (The Family and Medical Leave Act)
FMLA and Accrued Vacation
FMLA Decisions Help Define "Serious Health Condition"
FMLA Eligibility
FMLA Leave Requests
No FMLA Medical Certification
Notifying Employees of FMLA Eligibility
Responding to Requests for FMLA Leave

5 Steps to Effective Investigations
5 Tips for Drafting Your EEO Policy
6 Steps to Designing Your Dress Code
6 Topics to Include in Written Job Descriptions
8 Tips for Effective Exit Interviews 
8 Ways to Undermine a Performance Review
Allowing Employees to Inspect Their Personnel Records
Be Up-Front about Background Checks
Consistent Discipline Defined
Excessive Absences
Filing I-9 Forms Separately
Hygiene Problems
Mileage Reimbursement
Personal Property in the Workplace
Policies as Contracts
The Pros and Cons of Introductory Periods
Reverifying Work Eligibility for I-9 Forms
Sexual Harassment Case Update/Tips for Preventing Liability
Tips for Minimizing Liability for Happy Hours
When Casual Dress Deteriorates

Determining Who Is Really a Volunteer
Limiting Make-up Time
Mandatory Overtime and Alternatives
Notice and Final Pay
On-call Pay
Overtime Pay for Two Different Jobs
Paying Employees for Training
Paying Interns
Travel Time
Weather-related Absences 
Withholding Pay as Discipline

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