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Personnel Policy Manual Service
Your HR policy solution for writing, revision, and legal compliance
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You get all the resources you need for easy policy writing and employment law compliance. Our comprehensive time-and-money saving service helps you:

  • Create, revise, and update your HR policies;
  • Plug into the best HR practices and trends;
  • Stay on top of employment laws, regulations, and court cases;
  • Avoid unnecessary legal exposure; and
  • Build policy and compliance expertise.

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Why Use Personnel Policy Manual Service?

  • Answers your tough HR policy questions
  • Keeps you on top of personnel regulations and court rulings
  • Base your decisions on thousands of dollars of ongoing research 
  • Covers over 500 HR topics and 1500 legal citations
  • Updated every month … information is always current
  • Used by more than 25,000 HR managers, business owners, and consultants
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Here's What's Included:

* 900+ page HR Reference System
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Our Clients Include:
"The Personnel Policy Manual is my bible. I love it.  I recommend it to people in HR writing their company policy handbooks."

Mary Lou Kessler
Vice President
Las Vegas, NV ... more testimonials?
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personnel policy manual, hr company manual, hr policy manual, employee handbook, employee manual