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For over 37 years, many of our subscribers have referred to the print/cd versions of our Personnel Policy Manual system as their "HR Policy Bible."
Now, we've gone one step further and developed the ultimate policy and compliance solution. You have a one-stop online database that not only includes the new electronic version of the "HR Policy Bible," but all our supporting databases of subscriber information and compliance tools.

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Personnel Policy Manual


Are you concerned ...  that your employee HR Policies aren't properly written and up to date?


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You can stop worrying. Try the "HR Policy Bible."

  • Don't risk your job on lack of research or poorly written policies
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Make the Personnel Policy Manual service your trusted business partner.

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Not Convinced? From A-to-Z this "Policy How-To" Reference System has it all:

Attendance and Punctuality
Leaves of Absence
Meal Breaks

Rest Breaks
Short-Term Absences
Athletics and Recreation
Company Products

Disclosure of Benefits

Educational Assistance
Employee Counseling
Lunch Facilities

Recognition Awards



Appearance of Employees
Behavior of Employees
Conflicts of Interest

Customer Relations

Disciplinary Procedure

Drugs, Narcotics, Alcohol

Finances of Employees
Use of Communications

Employee Classifications
Employment Agreements
Equal Employment Opportunity

Hours of Work
Introductory Period
Layoff and Recall

Medical Procedures

Orientation and Training

Outside Employment



Serious Diseases
Sexual Harassment

Community Participation
Dispute Resolution

Personnel Records
Suggestion Program
Pay Practices
Job Evaluation
Pay Procedures
Performance Appraisals
Salary Administration

Severance Pay
Personnel Responsibilities
Employee Supervision
Employer-Employee Relations

Functions of this Manual

Model Cover

President’s Letter
Personnel Manager

Automobile Usage
Business Entertaining
Clubs and Civic Organizations
Meal Reimbursement
Trade and Professional Associations

Work Areas
Employee Safety
Maintenance of Work Areas
Personal Property
Special Reports
FLSA Exemptions


HR Matters E-Tips Newsletter

Is unemployed status protected against hiring discrimination? No federal law prohibits you from refusing to hire an unemployed candidate, but the EEOC and a few states take a dim view of this policy. Find out what the legal issues are and what your best approach is.


Should you keep disciplinary records indefinitely in an employee’s file? Past disciplinary problems are relevant when evaluating an employee’s overall performance, but less serious rule violations often are not considered after a year. Find out what the experts say.


Should new employees be subject to your normal progressive disciplinary policy? This type of system can both help employees improve performance and will support a termination decision if performance does not improve. But, when new employees do not meet your expectations, you may want to have shorter than normal time frames so that you do not prolong a bad hiring decision.


A part-time employee can be classified as exempt under the FLSA as long as the employee’s job duties and salary still meet the FLSA requirements. Find out what you need to do to protect the exemption.



         Benefits for Tough Times


(FMLA Leave Solution)
Solve Your FMLA Headaches With
Leaves of Absence

Model Policy and 85-Page HR Total Support Package. Learn more.


Free HR Policy Download Center

* Attendance

* Behavior of Employees

* COBRA Requirements

* Dress Code

* Drugs/Narcotics/Alcohol

* Employee Classification

New Employer's Quick Guide to HR Laws

* FLSA Hours of Work

* FMLA Checklist

* Holidays

* Internet/Email Communication

* Layoff and Recall

* Military Leave

* Pay Procedures

* Rest Breaks

* Sexual Harassment

* Workplace Smoking


Employee Handbooks

For one low price, you get the tools and peace of mind you need to get the job done quickly and easily.
* 69 ready-to-go policies
* Use "as is" or customize for your organization
* Lawyer-reviewed for U.S. law
* Ideal for employee handbooks
* 100% satisfaction, or your money back
Less than 15 employees? OR
Outside US?

Learn more about Instant Employee Handbook Template & HR Policies


Personnel Policy Manual -
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Personnel Policy Manual

   * Solid Legal Information
* Plain-English explanations
* Sound Policy advise
* Easy-to-use topic lists
* Great research tool
* Checklists, Forms, Posters


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Easy Employee Handbook & HR Policies

Do You manage key Employee Issues? Use our topic list below to easily locate the right HR policy product.

* Absence
* Benefits
* Conduct
* Employment
* Pay Practices

* Personnel Responsibilities
* Reimbursement
* Work Areas
* Miscellaneous

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